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Excursions in Naxos
Appolon via Filoti »
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Excursions » Appolon via Halki, Filoti, Apiranthos and Koronos

The scenery commences after about 8Km from Naxos Town, close by the 8th century Agios Mamas Church. This is a down path to the left and was once the Cathedral of Naxos possesing some remarkeble 7th century icons.

Sagri - Kato Sagri posseses the remains of a Venetian castle whilts Ano Sagri boasts the Monastery of Agios Eleftherios. The latter became Krifo Scholio -a secret school for Greek children during the Turkish occupation- and now houses a Folk Museum. There is also an archaeological site and beyond still on the main Halki road, the 16th century Monastery of Timios Stavros as well as the 15th century Church of Kaloritsa with a number of frescoes.

Halki (16Km) - is a pretty village at a high altitude, set down on great plain of olive trees. There are a number of fortified tower houses, including the remarkable Pirgos of Frangopoulou.

Filoti is a beautiful village situated on the flank of Mountain Zas.At about 22 Km from Naxos Town the road advances to Danakos village, famous for the Byzantine sculptures at the Monastery of Fotodoti which is above the village to the north.

Apiranthos (27Km) is one of the prettiest villages in Naxos and supposed to have originally been settled by Cretans.

Detour - to Moutsouna (12Km - 39Km from Naxos Town). Is the coastal village of Apiranthos and was was the quarrying of emery. The stone was bucketed down in aerial-cable ways from the workings, ridding the surrounding mountainsides. Apart of that it is a quiet village with sandy beach, tavernas, mini markets and accommodation. From Moutsouna, a detour on detour leads to Psili Ammos (47 Km from Naxos Town), a spread-out agricultural backyard and a long sand backed beach. A rough track leads to the lovely small cove and beach of Panormos.

Back on the main route again, Koronos (36Km) is the next village. It is a stepped village scrabling up the mountain sides and renowed for its emery mines. A turning off to the right, 0.5Km prior to Koronos, proceeds east to the Church of Panagia Argokiliotissa which on Easter Friday, plays host to horders of worships.

Detour - to Lionas (44Km from Naxos Town). The scenery approaching the village is excellent and the beach at the bottom of the bay is made up of large pebbles.

Returning to Koronos, the main route proceeds to the village of Skado and Koronida (Komiaki) (43Km from Naxos Town). The village is built at the highest altitude (700m) and is renowned -as well as all surrounding villages- for its wine. The views are splendit and the surrounding countryside is particularly lush and lovely, the road being shaded by bowers of trees and cleft by mountain streams.

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Apollon in Naxos Island
Apeitanthos village in Naxos Island Greece
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