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Naxos Flora Allium Ampeloprasum Flora of Naxos
Naxos Flora

Naxos has rich aquatic resources and peculiar terrain. Because of this, type genus of plants that are transferred by the winds, can find friendly initial growth conditions.

Thus, Naxos is full of botanical families (Labiatae, Compositae, Liliacae, Euphorbiaceae Asteraceae etc.) with resistance to dry and hot conditions of the climate.

The nature of Naxos, in spite of the times, makes all the flowers to flourish. Nature along with the prevailing weather conditions are the only "accomplices" and parts of an exceptional variety of plant species.

Discover the Flora of Naxos

Would you like to learn more about the flora of Naxos? Would you like to discover new herbs and learn about their properties?

Mr Kapiris has over 25 years experience and he can help you learn everything about herbs, flowers, trees, their botanical names, use & applications, properties.

Just give him a call at
Tel: +30 22850 31809
or +30 22850 32224
or send him a
fax at +30 22850 32224
to arrange a meeting with him, for a knowledge experience. Groups or individuals, novice of scientists are welcome.

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